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Elbow Drive Studio, 
Meadowlark Park, Calgary, AB
2015 - 2016


This landscape is about experience of place. As one transitions from the sidewalk to the front entry, and into the backyard, all your senses come alive. This was the client’s desire and we aimed to accomplish that with the layout and careful installation of every item, including each stone, boulder, and plant. We also considered the mature vegetation and consciously crafted the landscape around these while protecting them at the same time.


The dry river was carefully carved in a curvilinear way to create movement, even without water travelling through. The boulder acting as a bridge provides a visual accent. The flagstone steps bring the distinctive areas together as they transition from one material to the other. The vegetation planted in groupings, create accents and bring colour to every season. This garden was crafted as a piece of art, and the homeowners are delighted with the result.

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