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Altador 2017, 
Altadore, Calgary, AB
2017 - 2018
2017 LANTA Award


The landscape of this inner city infill reflects its linear and clean architectural components. The construction and layout of this landscape were integral in keeping the clean rectilinear form envisioned. Careful measuring, site marking and alignments took place to make this happen. As a result, creating a very visually clean and ordered landscape. In some areas, lush, contrasting foliage and mass planting concepts soften and provide an organic feel to the garden.

PLANTA,Roxburgh,13 (1).jpg

The natural flagstone patio was crated for informal gathering. This feature was carefully planned and installed with natural rundle rock, where each piece was placed with careful attention to minimize gaps, while keeping the natural essence of the stone. Irrigation, lighting and fencing were all elements that were constructed for this project. The clients were very satisfied with the final result: "I just want to let you know that Julie and I are very happy with your work and professionalism. Choosing your company was one of the best decisions we have made during our house construction process." Cheers, Armin

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