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Ulmer Residence, 
Post Hill, Calgary, AB
2017 - 2018


The Ulmer residence is set on a double lot surrounding a pristine natural environment within our city limits. Enveloped by mature and valued native vegetation. The landscape constructed allows for a refined continuation of this natural environment. One major challenge of this project was site access. There was only 4 feet of access on the sides of the house, without backyard
access as the lot backs up on a natural reserve area. One of the side access areas includes a car port, maneuvering through this was an additional challenge. With creativity and effort, the crew was able to transport and plant a series of 14-16 foot tall spruce in 42 inch baskets. All of this while protecting, not only the new construction, but also the existing natural vegetation.


The project was also set up in phases, which made it challenging in terms of coordination and logistics. Softscaping and large plantings in the back where installed first, followed by pouring of concrete paths and patios, to final detailing. We finalized the back and side yards, before the concrete flatwork was finished the front driveway. Phase 1 was the backyard, after the backyard landscaping was completed, concrete patio and paths down the sides closing all access. Phase 2 was the side yards, after the concrete was completed (and before the driveway was poured) we were able to access the side yard to plant native shrubs, seed with native grasses, and connect the 2 side paths with a natural rundle pathway. Phase 3 once the driveway and walkways to house were completed, we were able to complete the front yard. The project included planting, retaining walls built of natural rock, featuring boulders including one for the house number as an entry feature, flagstone path edging, landscape lighting, irrigation. As well as pruning, fertilizing and proper care of existing native vegetation.

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