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Ramsay Modern Rustic,
Ramsay, Calgary, AB
2016 - 2017


This project was effective in the sense that we were involved from the very beginning, before the original house was even torn down (unfortunately not so usual for landscape!). This way, we were able to do a thorough site analysis and asses the health of all existing vegetation, particularly mature trees, and determine what made sense to keep, remove and/or relocate. This also provided insight and proposal of grading and final house elevation on the site.


The primary challenge for the site was the aggressive slope, encompassing a 5-meter grade change from the front of the property to the back. Design for grading and retention was a mayor aspect of this project, and not only in terms of aesthetic and function, but also engineering considerations. Grading was one of the most important aspects and the biggest challenge for this landscape. The design of the landscape included the soft and hardscape elements to integrate in a harmonious way. Because of the significant amount of hardscape elements, including the swimming pool, pathways and stairs, driveway, and retaining walls, the details were critically considered. This included not only the important functional and aesthetic layout of these elements, but also the small details of the ‘paperface’ finish on concrete elevations, lighting and fixture selection, the 10mm chamfer edges, the location and spacing of the ‘tie-back’ holes as well as the linear reveals. 


Similar attention was placed on the layout of the soft landscape, including species selection in terms of colour, texture, visual interest, height etc. A minimal, mass planting and linear pattern was the approach taking in the planting plan design. Every design detail counts on this prominent residential dwelling. Being involved from the initial stages, to every step of construction and concluding with site placement of plant material, made the design vision of this project have incredible success in its execution.

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