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Auburn Shores Residence,
Auburn Lake, Calgary, AB
2014 - 2016

2019 LANTA award


The functional use of this landscape was the primary focus of the design. The family with
young children required a practical and flexible layout. Because of the slope down from the backyard to the water and a walkout basement, the terracing was an essential aspect from the first stages of design. The grading and retention was carefully considered to meet code while avoiding the use of guardrails as the view of the lake plays a significant role. This was a challenge because we had to keep the terracing to a minimum, but never exceeding grade change maximums.


The end result was very successful. This was mainly due to the careful curvilinear configuration of the layout of each space. Each terrace has its own use, starting from the covered patio, to a putting green, to an open lawn area to accommodate a trampoline and soccer practice, transitioning to an informal fire pit area next to the water, a synthetic grass space for gear and water sport storage and finally to the rock and dock for water access.

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